Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Opossum Update!

It died. Apparently, according to Grandma it was malnourished. "Poor little thing."

All the neighbors came down the street for a viewing. I wasn't clear on whether this occurred before or after the passing of the opossum. What I do know is my Grandma was pleased because she became acquainted with some of the cul-de-sac neighbors she had not yet met.

Grandma moved to this area back in May. She misses all her old neighbors.
Promoting: Vote NO on Prop 8 (in CA)!
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Success Doesn’t Just Happen!

Random TV Show Stuff mostly

Vote NO! on Prop 8 (if you live in CA; Unfortunately, I don't yet.)

Dude on the radio just said what I have been thinking all day. "Nothing on tv tonight but election coverage. Looks like it's a DVR kind of night" I have some serious Army Wives catching up to do. I think I'm like five eps behind.

Ok, I jotted down like 5 pages of notes on stuff I have been watching. I'll do a quickie recap version here since I can't really read most of it or remember my own short hand.

Survivor: Gabon

I don't think in the history of this show has there been a team quite as clueless and idiotic as Fang (both versions). There was that one time in Survivor: Palau (with Steph & Bobbie Jon) where the team lost like every time; they sucked but they weren't idiots. They voted the right person off each time. Fang doesn't. They are seriously like the weakest and dumbest team ever. Moving on! Oh, I'm really liking Corinne still but I think it will be hilarious if Sugar manages to stay around awhile once they merge. She totally cracks me.

So I have a random quote from the week that Paloma got the boot: "I dislike so many people in this tribe that its a toss up." ~ Corinne (I heart her!)

Kath & Kim
Really? We are suppose to believe that Molly Shannon is Selma Blair's mother? I just can't get past that. I love both those actresses but really mother/daugther. Really? Plus I am not loving the show. I have already axed it from my tivo list after only two eps. I tried. I really tried.


I love Dexter! I think a lot like Dexter but I don't kill people. Not for real anyway. Fantasies don't count, do they?

The episode two weeks ago called 'All in the family' was kind of different with an acting theme. I enjoyed it more than usual. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from this episode:

"Still. There's something to be said for being a character actor. The lead players, with all those emotions. Must be exhausting."

"Most actors toll in obscurity never stepping into the spotlight, but if you hone your craft, work diligently; you might just find yourself in the role of a lifetime." Both quotes are from Dexter. Most of the other charactes rarely say anything worth repeating.

America's Next Top Model

I really do still like Elina but I really can't freakin' believe the judges kept her the last two weeks. I'm glad just surprised me as much as her. Analeigh is kind of growing on me too. I thought Clarke was gorgeous after the makeover, but then she kept opening her mouth. Sometimes pretty girls just shouldn't talk at all.

Success Doesn’t Just Happen!