Saturday, September 27, 2008

Survivor:Gabon Season Premiere!

I love Survivor! It is one of my all time favorite TV shows. I especially love that the first night we got to see two episodes. Sweeeeeeeet! They should do that every week.

I like the tribe names Kota and Fang. I just don't get why they are pronouncing Fang like phong instead of like a snake's tougue.
So are my favorite competitors are Michelle Chase, Corinne Kaplan, and Charlie Herschel.

I really liked Michelle who has a cool back tattoo, eats termites and sez 'I got stuck with all the dorks'. Damn dorks voted her out first. Geez, how do you vote out the strongest woman on your tribe and possibly in the game this season. Michelle sort of reminded me of Pamela the character on Army Wives. She resembles her and has the same speech pattern and mannerisms.

I love Charlie's opening proclaimation on Fang's initial tribe mate picks "ok, wow! We're playing stupid Survivor?". That was amusing. And his glee at being picked by Kota and not the Fang dorks.

Randy knocks a hole in his head. This dude is kind of funny in an Oscar the grouch sort of way.

Corinne is hot and a self proclaimed 'Bitch'! What's not to like? She has also got herself in a nice alliance already. I'm rooting for her now that my first pick has been eliminated.
Until we meet again!
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