Thursday, October 2, 2008

News Bulletin: This just in...

Mom left town again less than 24 hours ago and already once again I have become my grandmother's BFF.

So she calls me several times a day most everyday with something.

The second call today was a 'real emergency!’ She apparently had a baby (tiny) opossum on her front porch right beside the front door which she almost stepped on.

I wasn't exactly sure what she wanted me to do about it. I told her 'Grandma, we live in the city. I can't just come over and shoot it. They frown on that. Do you really need to go outside right now? It will probably go away eventually.' She doesn't answer this question. I don't think she actually heard it. She has that selective hearing -- you know, she hears what she wants to hear or not.

I suggested that she sweep him/her (??) off the porch; however, she is afraid it will run past her into the house. I'm out of suggestions and the neighbor is yelling to her from across the yard, so she hangs up on me.

Apparently, she did call pest control and they don't come out after 6 pm. So the neighbor called the police because that is the logical next step.

The police officer shows up and picks it up and seems to think it is malnourished. So apparently we are now concerned about the opossum’s nutrition? Turns out the opossum is the newly adopted pet of the other next door neighbor and it escaped from the back yard where it was left.

I'm pretty sure I haven't heard the last of that opossum.

My grandmother tends to find the negative in any given situation and as they say Misery loves company, mine specifically.

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